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Our Teachers

Natasja Payne

Natasja Payne, 200 E-RYT

Natasja founded Fusionmovement Yoga Studio in May of 2009 with the intention of creating a beautiful, serene and soulful place to connect body, mind and spirit allowing students to come back home to their authentic self, creating a life of balance, authenticity, personal greatness, vibrant health and creating endless abundant opportunities.
Natasja's background is in dance , group fitness and fitness training. She studied at the CodArts, School of Dance & Performing Arts, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and worked as a fitness trainer and group exercise instructor for the GoodLife fitness clubs from 1999 - 2009. In the summer of 2007 Natasja won the prestigious award of "Group Exercise Instructor of the Year" for the GoodLife fitness clubs and travelled to New Zealand to visit the LesMills head quarters.
Natasja thoroughly enjoyed teaching fitness classes which allowed her to inspire others to transform their bodies so that they had more self confidence, energy and zest for life. It wasn't until after the birth of her first child that Natasja felt more drawn to the yoga practice. Each class left her feeling energized, balanced and gave her more clarity. In 2007 Natasja started to study with Shiva Rea and Maria Garre and became PranaFlow certified in 2009. She soon realized that her path was taking her on a spiritual quest and journey of self-realization and travelled to India where she stayed for 3 weeks in an ashram. It taught her to become more patient, quiet and that true happiness is  found in the depths of our heart. No material wealth can bring you this kind of happiness only the relationship you foster with your own heart and the hearts of others. As Natasja says; " In the end all that ever really mattered is how much we loved and were loved".
Currently Natasja teaches over 10 classes a week at the studio as well she teaches frequently at local high schools sharing the joy, love and passion for yoga and spirituality with the students, hosts international retreats annually in Costa Rica and has presented at the Toronto Yoga Conference in 2012.
Natasja's classes are lively, passionate, dynamic, challenging, fun and inspiring, bringing you closer to your authentic self.
Natasja teaches the following classes:
Monday - 9:30am HOT Flow Yoga
Monday - 12noon  Flow Yoga
Monday - 7:00pm HOT Flow Yoga
Tuesday - 9:30am YogaSculpt
Wednesday - 9:30am Shakti Flow Yoga
Wednesday - 12noon Flow Yoga
Wednesday - 5:45pm YogaSculpt
Friday - 9:30am Warm Restorative
Friday - 11:00am Gentle Flow Yoga
Saturday - 8:30am YogaSculpt
Saturday - 10:00am HOT Flow Yoga

Kate O'Connor

I’ve been practicing yoga since I was 17 and teaching since I was 31. I believe it is my calling in life bring healing to others, in whatever form that takes. I am blessed with 2 wonderful kids and I know yoga has made me a better mom; it keeps me grounded and calm and keeps things in perspective. I’ve always struggled with anxiety and back pain and yoga releases both so that I do not require any medications. Since I began practicing daily yoga, I’ve enjoyed these wonderful benefits: efficient metabolism, regular menstrual cycle, reduced insomnia, less back pain, heightened senses, and spiritual clarity. Favourite Asana: Halasana – plough pose. It provides a total release through my back and neck and I feel as if I am receding into my shell.
Other Gigs: Red Cross First Aid Instructor, Writer, Singer. Places I’ve lived: Oakville, Toronto, New York, Jamaica, Midland, Calgary, Edmonton, and now Kitchener!

Jeff Kittmer

Yoga was initially a tool to relieve the chronic back pain that he had been experiencing for quite a long time. As he progressed through the system of yoga that he was studying, his back pain receded into a memory. His yoga journey took him from the physical into a more spiritual and energetic experience. Yoga has transformed Jeff and what began as a physical workout and rehabilitation has now become a life changing journey that has no boundaries or limitations. Favourite pose: Half Moon ~Ardha Chandrasana" I really enjoy the sensation of opening up my body and the challenge of balance.

Laura Sparks

Laura Sparks B.A. CPTN, Pilates Instructor CPTN Personal Trainer and owner of Be Fit With Laura since 2007 Pilates Instructor Since June 2008 Laura grew up loving to be outside near the water. She swam, biked, danced and sang in choirs. She worked for the city as a lifeguard, swimming instructor and aquafit leader. Laura always loved music and movement but wanted to be an artist. After graduating from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay and teaching English for a year in South Korea Laura’s path led her to a career in Personal Training where she could not only utilize her great understanding of movement but gave her an outlet for her creativity. Laura started her own personal training company after the birth of her second daughter. It was not until she started taking Pilates classes that Laura found her true passion. Practicing Pilates became something that Laura felt she could not live without. When she left a class she felt, clear headed, stronger, healthier and happier. In her classes Laura’s imaginative, fresh approach to pilates helps people find strength on the inside and out. Laura’s goal is to help you feel activated and energized while learning to move efficiently and with intension. Pilates has not only changed the way Laura personal trains her clients, it has helped to create a body less prone to injury and most of all it has changed her life. Laura is thankful every day for her health, balanced life, family and friends and for the sound of her little girls laughing together.

Julie DaSilva

Julie DaSilva first became passionate about yoga in 2010 after taking a class at Fusionmovement Yoga Studio. Volunteering at the reception desk in 2011 she decided to pursue her passion and become a yoga instructor in 2012 when the studio announced it would be offering YTT-200. Julie received her certificate in 2013 after completing the Fusion Flow Yoga Teacher Training. Julie was born and raised in Cambridge Ontario. Her sense for adventure and love of the outdoors led her to spend some time residing in Vancouver and Grand Bend. Eventually setting roots back in Cambridge to start her career & family. Mother of a healthy & happy teenage girl; also surrounded by a large loving Portuguese family, through their support she was able to maintain a successful full time career in Sales & Management over a period of 15 years. Ending her career as a Wedding Coordinator at Whistle Bear Golf Club Julie was then given an opportunity to change her career path. Feeling blessed that she was encouraged to follow her bliss Julie accredits yoga for strengthening her mind, body & soul connection. In a society saturated in stress yoga offers a sense of balance & peace in Julie’s life and she wants to inspire others to invite love, peace and harmony within, living in the now, enjoying each moment as a gift, practicing gratitude, encouraging family & friends to follow the flow of life. “Yoga is not just an exercise…it is a way of living!” Julie’s favourite asana is Natarajasana (dancer’s pose) inviting in feelings of self-confidence, pride and love while gracefully balanced in the present moment.

Carina Francioso

Carina is a firm believer in the saying “Do what you love”. She embraces both the artistic and creative sides of her personality. She graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Major in Honours Fine Arts and a Minor in Italian Language and Culture Studies. She currently resides in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada but has also lived in Puglia, Italy. Soon after graduating, Carina decided to pursue her passion to paint and create as a professional artist. During this time she also discovered yoga and was so amazed by the peace, tranquility, strength, and beauty it offered in all aspects of her life. She immediately went on to complete her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, in Stockbridge, MA. Carina finds that yoga helps transform and enhance artistic inspiration. Many of her paintings reflect this inspiration and represent her journey into a deeper part of herself that she longs to share with the world. You can view her artwork at: Carina currently has a steady Iyengar yoga practice. She is also a Reiki Level 1 Practitioner, she offers Hot Stone Massage, and has also studied Ayurveda (The Sister Science of Yoga). She continually attends workshops and seminars to further improve the quality and value of her teaching so that she may pass on these healing gifts to others. What Carina loves most about yoga is the fact that it teaches her to always be a student, constantly learning, evolving and growing on her yoga mat and in the rest of her life. She, much like her artwork, is a work in progress; enjoying the journey and not just the destination. “It comforts and strengthens me to know that by teaching Yoga I may be able to play a deep role in the lives of the people I touch. Because behind the illusion that we are all separate is the truth that we are all One.”
~ Carina Fun Facts: Carina loves dancing, creating, modeling, singing and playing the piano/harmonium; she lives to travel and see other cultures; she enjoys snowboarding and running and spending time with her family and friends!

Lauren Fulop

Lauren is a mother of two beautiful children and teaches Phys-Ed at a local Highschool in Kitchener, On. Lauren is passionate about holistic nutrition, building self confidence and self-esteem, discovering the powers of exercise and healthy wholesome living. She has taught various group exercise classes at GoodLife fitness clubs since 2002 and was the Co-President of the Campbell Hockey school in 2006 -2008.  Currently she is studying Holistic Wellness & Nutrition at the Canada School of Natural Nutrition. 
Lauren teaches the popular and well attended YogaSculpt classes and she is excited to share her passion for fitness, well-being and encourages her students to discover the positive powers of exercise and mindful healthy living.
Lauren teaches:
Monday 5:45pm YogaSculpt
Thursday 9:30am YogaSculpt

Carly Allen

Carly joined the team of teachers at Fusionmovement, after completing the Fusionmovement Yoga teacher training in 2012. She brings a fun, light and dynamic perspective to the yoga practice. She is passionate about bringing wellness and balance back into her student's life. Carly teaches the Sunrise yoga on Friday morning and the CoreFusion on Wednesday morning.

Helen Hunter


Helene Bertrand


Krista Dakin

Krista is a recent graduate from the Fusionmovement Yoga Teacher training program. As a full time registered practical nurse, Krista fully understands the amazing effects the yoga practice has on the physical, mental and emotional body. She brings a dynamic, challenging yet balanced approach to her classes in which she challenges her students to seek that which is holding them back not only on the yoga mat but in their daily life. Krista's classes are dynamic with a balanced approach allowing students to work at an intensity that is appropriate for where they find themselves on each given day. Krista is very excited to share her love of yoga with the Fusionmovement Yoga studio community.
Krista teaches on:
Monday 8:30pm Lunar Flow Yoga
Wednesday 7:00pm HOT Flow Yoga
Sunday 10:30am Community Yoga 

Jessika Marie

It is with great honour and humility that Jessika approaches her teaching. Ever a student and always grateful to her teachers she is continually renewed by the power of practice. Yoga has been a vehicle for change in her life and has opened many doors both personally and professionally allowing her to meet and study with many beautiful teachers and practitioners. A lover of learning Jess has expanded her teaching over the last several years to include certifications in Street Yoga, The Way of the Happy Woman and Inner Quest for the Yoga Educator in addition to her foundational training in Hatha Vinyasa, Prenatal/Postnatal, Restorative, Yin and Kids Yoga. She is also a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a former Labour Doula and loves the way it has enriched her practice. Some of her other interests include writing short stories and poetry, playing guitar, traveling and hanging with her crew. Jessika has a desire to share the path of practice with anyone who is interested and passionately includes expressive arts and movement in her classes to complement the structure and discipline of a yoga practice. A deep believer in the yin and yang of life, the magic of potential and the sweetness of just ‘being’ it is her privilege to be a part of the Yoga Fusionmovement yoga studio team.

Shannon Crowder

In Shannon’s early 20’s she found yoga. At the time she was living in the small town of Shelburne, ON thus availability of “nontraditional” modalities for healing was limited. Luckily for Shannon, she began her journey with a beautiful soul who had studied in India, under the tutelage of Swami Sivananda Radha. There was something magical about how Shannon felt during her practice, her ever present anxiety all but forgotten. Shannon continued practicing here and there, but was searching for that same authenticity she experienced years ago in the basement of a wise soul. When Shannon moved to Cambridge, ON to join her now husband and stepdaughter, Shannon found a local yoga establishment: Fusionmovement Yoga Studio. Within the walls of this precious space, the essence of yoga came back to her memory and she declared this her home for her self practice. As Shannon’s self practice grew and became a balancing force on her journey, the opportunity for greater study arrived. Shannon enrolled in FusionMovement Yoga Studio’s very first YTT program and earned her certificate in 2014. Shannon has been happily guiding classes at FusionMovement Yoga Studio since she earned her first class in 2015. She offers a space for growth, exploration and authenticity. Shannon loves her roots and often draws on the teachings of a wise soul in a basement of a small town, so long ago.

Lisa Rafferty


Ursula Wolfe


Michelle Sawers

Iysha Nobes

Iysha has completed studies at Yandara Yoga Institute, Kripalu School of Yoga and completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in Bali, Indonesia in August of 2014. She is a Vegan and Yoga enthusiast looking to help teach people how yoga and the practice of yoga, is a vital aspect in taking care of the whole being. Yoga is her form of meditation and self-expression. Iysha thrives upon connecting with herself and others through breath, love, and life force energy. Join Iysha every Thursday: Hatha Yoga 5-6pm.

Sherry Shortt

Experiencing the many benefits of yoga over the years from her own personal practice and wanting to share these benefits with others led Sherry to complete her 200 hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher training with Heather Greaves of Body Therapies Yoga Training in Hamilton, Ontario. Sherry is a Certified Therapeutic Yoga Teacher trained in Integrative Yoga Therapy. Being trained in yoga therapy helps Sherry adapt yoga techniques specifically for the individual and their needs.
Sherry is a Registered Cardiovascular Technologist and a Certified Cardiac Yoga® Teacher specializing in cardiac health and wellness. After working in health-care and wellness for over 20 years, Sherry decided to follow her passion and start her own cardiac wellness business, Personal Balance. Personal Balance was created purely out of Sherry's passion to guide people on their journey to live a happy, healthy and peaceful lifestyle.
Sherry teaches individuals in group and private yoga sessions. These individuals are recovering from a cardiac event or have risk factors for heart disease such as diabetes and high blood pressure and are looking for a prevention program to complement their healthy lifestyle. Sherry's classes will benefit anyone looking to improve or maintain optimal health but especially those individuals recovering from, or living with, an injury or chronic illness. Sherry truly believes that by bringing the body into balance with yoga, meditation, stress management techniques, and a healthy diet, you will improve your overall quality of life.

John Fyfe


Keith Gardiner

Keith Gardiner is a Yoga Teacher from Cambridge, Ontario, specializing in Power Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Vinyasa Flow. Keith has travelled to many locations with his teaching including Mexico, South-East Asia, and South America. Keith began practicing Yoga in order to address and overcome several injuries, at which time he promptly fell in love with it and has been going strong ever since. He did his Yoga Teacher Training with Yandara Yoga, in Baja, Mexico. Since then he has taught at schools, community centres, resorts, studios, temples and ashrams. It is Keith’s goal to share Yoga with his community in a fun, safe and welcoming way.

Trudy McClaskin


John DeKadt


Adam Springett


Christina Mogk

Christina first turned to yoga in 2001 as a non-medicinal remedy for a long-term recurring ailment. It wasn’t long before yoga became much more, providing an excellent supplement to her regular gym routine, offering strength and grace, flexibility and balance, as well as much needed stress relief.

Since obtaining her RYT-200 in 2011, Christina has taught a variety of classes and workshops, both heated and non-heated, ranging from Vinyasa Flow to Deep Stretch Restorative, Desk Yoga to Yoga for Runners, Detox to Power Flows.

With a style that is pure, simple, and heartfelt, her classes offer fluidity, a sense of power – both internal and physical -- and playfulness.

Kasia Kord


Sanjeev Verma

Sanjeev Verma has helped countless people around the world take control of their lives and make their dreams become reality. Guided by the teachings of the spiritual leaders of India, Sanjeev teaches vedic philosophies, yoga, meditation to successfully empower and transform all aspects of his students’ lives. His respectful approach to teaching is based on the ancient philosophy and truths and has been tested and proven for many years as he has mentored and guided many people. We are one with all humanity and the elements of the Universe, remarks Sanjeev, regardless of time, place or background. His faith in the Divine origin of all things has brought him to transformational work and the respect of mentors and students around the world. Sanjeev resides in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. He is a yoga master, motivational speaker, Vedic astrologer and a Life Coach. He specializes in workshops to teach people how to tune them- selves to the unlimited and infinite resources of the universe allowing each and every person to thrive in their own lives!

Melanie Garneau


Bryhn Freitas


Claudia Gracias

Sandi Grekoff-Hunt


Laurel Crane

Laurel found upon yoga almost 5 years ago and was immediately drawn to the practice and it's benefits. After living and embracing the change in her life which comes with the practice, she wanted to share yoga with others so they could experience their own rewards from it. She completed her first 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in April 2014, studying with Vinyasa teachers Megan Campbell and Jennifer Stow as well as with Yoga Tune Up, mobility and movement educator Todd Lavitoire. Immediately after graduating she began the journey not just as a teacher but as a student of her practitioners. She also enjoys continuing her education. She travelled to Nicaragua to study an additional 100 hours of advanced vinyasa training with Megan Campbell. Laurel guides her students through vinyasa flow, hatha, gentle, therapeutic and mobility practices with safe sequences for every body while making each student feel welcome and grounded.

Sujon Datta


Megan Simpson


Tina Lackner


Carina Francioso


Darren Austin Hall


Breanna Miller


Lucy Hinton


Marta Redecopp


Darren Austin Hall


Tania Lotzmann